Celebs and the dogs – the perfect duo!


Every self-respecting celebrity must have a dog in which they show up everywhere! Check out this list of Hollywood’s most photographed canine beauties!

Doggy fashion is in full swing in Hollywood! Of course, not all stars and celebrities walk their pets just to improve their image. It’s hard to believe, but some do love them!

Pic Instagram @mrs.maverick

Here are some examples of the different approaches to dog ownership (and there are thousands).

Nina Dobrev and Mrs.Maverick

The famous actress best known for The Vampire Diaries Series and her wonderful known four-legged DOGter Mrs.Maverick. Their relationship is unbreakable, full of love, fun and adventure.

Ashley Tisdale and Maui

The young star’s beloved female dog is a Goldendoodle breed – a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. It is this breed that is one of the most popular in Hollywood. Ashley loves to take Maui to the set, to the shop, and out for coffee – just like real friends!

Fergie and her dachshund

The American singer has several dogs, but she’s probably the only one in Hollywood who has a dachshund among them. You have to admit that this once ubiquitous breed has lost some of its popularity. And yet they are so cute!

Blake Lively and Penny

Blake Lively’s boyfriend is called Penn and her beloved pet is called Penny. The boyfriend is probably not laughing, because Miss Lively doesn’t even move a metre without the brown ball under her arm.

Pink and a cute mutt

Pink has had no luck with dogs. Her beloved bulldog Elvis drowned in a swimming pool. Now the singer prefers more open spaces where she can control her pet’s every move. Plus, she gets out great with her dogs in photos!

Amanda Bynes and Charlie

The actress was caught as she was leaving with her dog from the groomer. Of course, she was the only one getting a haircut! Curious to know what breed it is? A Cavalier King Spaniel! She used to complain about picking up poop, but I guess she’s used to it.

Hilary Duff and Lola

Chihuahuas are still very popular with Hollywood starlets. Lola is owned by Hilary Duff, who adores her female dog. They even had a photo shoot together in a magazine.

Jessica Simpson and Daisy

Daisy is starting to become as famous as her famous owner. Since splitting from her first husband, it is on Daisy that Jessica Simpson has poured all her love, and she has huge amounts of it!!!

Paris Hilton and a whole bunch of doggies!

„The worst dog owner” – that’s what internet users have recently christened the famous blonde. Nobody knows how many dogs Paris Hilton has. Probably she is already lost. Her most famous dog is Chihuahua Tinkerbell. Interestingly, she was recently denied the sale of another dog.

Britney Spears and a different dog every time

Brit is not one of the faithful dog owners. She appears at every event with a different one. Everything, of course, depends on the occasion, the creation, the season and the state of the psyche. I just wonder what happens to these dogs later? Or maybe Britney rented them from some kind of dog rental company?

Rihanna and DJ

DJ is a cute furry guy with whom Rihanna likes to pose for photos. He accompanies his lady on her daily walks and during visits to the mall. The dog is the same breed as Blake Lively and Ashley Tisdale’s pets.

Aly Michalka and AJ Fame

Quite an original name for a dog, don’t you agree? Aly Michalka from the band Aly&AJ loves her dog so much that she happened to perform on stage with the dog under her arm. It’s called love!

Jessica Biel and Tina

A normal girl, with a normal dog with a normal name. Even in Hollywood, these things happen. Jessica Biel likes big dogs that you can go running and play ball with.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Tex

Miley Cyrus’ dad also counts himself as a dog lover, not a doggie lover. His favourite is the German Shepherd Tex. The men make a well-matched duo!

Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Mona

Quite recently, Jennifer got herself the gift of a female boxer, Mona. She was difficult to tame at first, but she did it. Mona is now a good leg walker and accompanies her lady on jogs.

Lauren Conrad and Chloe

Chloe was a cute puppy, but she grew quickly so her owner can’t carry her in her purse under any circumstances. There have also been problems with leading her on walks, as more often than not it is the dog that leads Lauren rather than Lauren the dog.

Fritz and Daisy Dee

Fry needs to stay on top of fashion, so she also got herself a female dog with whom she flies around all the banquets. Pity about the dog…

There is nothing wrong with having a dog, although someone prefers…cats ;P The main thing is to treat a pet seriously and not as a toy or decoration.


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